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Studio A

• Voice Over / ADR

• Sound Design

• Source Connect

• Creative English & Spanish

AVID Dock w/ Apple Ipad pro

AVID S1 w/ Apple Ipad pro

Pro Tools Ultimate 12

Mac Mini M1

AVID Pro Tools / Carbon

Grace M103

API. 2124+

Avalon AD 2044 Opto Compressor

Microphones- Neumann, BLUE Bottles, AKG, Geffel, Peluso, & more

Genelec 1031 A

Source Elements "Nexus"  stream audio to Zoom, Skype from ProTools

Source Elements "Source Connect Pro"

Studio B

• Music Production

• Sound Design

• Stereo & 5.1 Mix

• Source Connect

Console: Digidesign D-Command with 5.1 Surround and 16 Channel Fader Expansion (24 channels)

DAW: Pro Tools 9.0 HD3 Accel with Digidesign Sync I/O, MIDI I/O, and (2) -192 I/O's for 24 channels of analog input, Power Mac 5.1 8-core, 32g with Pro Tools 12

Preamps: 8 Channel True Systems Precision 8, 4 Channel API 3124, 4 Channel API 3124+, 4 Channel Focusrite Red 1, 8 Channel Digidesign PRE 

Monitoring: Genelec 1032A 5.1, Hear Technologies Digital Hearback System
with 8 channel cue mix stations

Compressors/Limiters/Gates: Drawmer DL241, Digidesign Smack!, Urei 1178, 2 Summit Audio TLA-50

Equalizers: Massenberg EQ-1 Complete Waves, SSL, Auto tune

Other: Source Connect Codec Systems,  Fiber Optic Media SAN, Wireless Internet.

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